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Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural durable, strong and long lasting stone product cut from the ground.

It has been used on roofs for thousands of years

Pegasus roofing offers 4 choices of slate roofing  

Bellstone slate roofing100 year guarantee

Country of origin Wales Canada Canada Spain
Quality Premium Premium Premium Primera
Size (mm) 500 x 300 508 x 254 508 x 254 500 x 250
Thickness (nominal) 6 mm 4–6mm 4–5mm 4–5mm
Weight/slate (kg) 2.23 1.69 1.78 1.45
Coverage* (slates/m2) 15.4 18.5 18.5 18.5
Weight/m2* (kg/m2) 34.3 31.3 30.7 26.8
Colour Heather blue Heather Blue-grey Black


By choosing Penrhyn slate your building can become part of this legendary tradition.

The first roofing slates imported to Australia (in the 1820s) came from the Penrhyn quarry in Wales that is still producing the best quality roofing slate available worldwide.

Penrhyn. The prince of slates and the only slate to carry a written 100-year guarantee from the quarry itself. And we fully expect it to outlast this - its durability is legendary.  


Trinity roofing slates are so close to the Penrhyn in both colour and chemical make-up that architects specify them for heritage restoration work despite their Canadian rather than Welsh origins.

Current and historical data indicates that the two slates have similar physical and mechanical characteristics. This is consistent with geological evidence suggesting that north Wales and Newfoundland were attached to each other about 600 million years ago.

Trinity slate comes from the same geological era as Penrhyn and its colour difference is indistinguishable to the untrained eye. The slates are more plum-coloured, often with grey hues that create a slightly stippled character - very appealing.  


Imported from Quebec, Glendyne slates are very impressive. They have a handsome grey-blue colour that is unique and highly sought after. The response we’ve received since importing this slate has been wildly enthusiastic. With their world-class highest possible durability rating (ASTM S1*) Glendyne slates are on track to be the most widely used slate in Australia.

Glendyne Quarry is impressive too. It’s one of the most modern slate quarries in the world with a quality management system that is without peer. Its masons are protected by stringent OH&S policies and its ultra-strong packing crates are manufactured on the property from timber cut in the surrounding sustainably-managed forest.  


Cupa R6 slates are produced at the Los Campos Quarry in the northwest of Spain. Cupa owns and operates many quarries in Spain, all of which are required to be identified with discrete numbers. After years of experience we’ve found that the ASTM S1 slate from quarry no.6 performs the best in Australian conditions. There are two grades of slate produced from this quarry but as with all our products we import only the no. 1 choice (‘primera’) material which is signified by the letter R.

The slates are therefore called Cupa R6’s. The slate from this particular quarry is very consistent, cleaves thin and lies flat on the roof with very few ‘kickers’. It’s charcoal grey-black in colour and has a very fine grain and smooth surface.